MeraNews Network, Gandhinagar: World’s first telerobotic coronary intervention surgery was successfully conducted on a patient at Apex Hospital by prominent cardiologist Dr. Tejas Patel. Dr. Patel on Wednesday, who guided the robot to perform the surgery remotely from the Akshardham temple complex in Gandhinagar, located 32 kilometers away, was assisted by Dr. Sanjay Shah in the surgery from Ahmedabad.

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, who was witness to this historic medical breakthrough, said that the telerobotic coronary intervention surgery that was conducted in Ahmedabad from Gandhinagar is a matter of pride for the six crore citizens of Gujarat. He further added that the state government is prudent to using Dr. Tejas Patel’s expertise and this advanced technology to carry out surgeries for treatment of poorest of poor and needy ones in remote areas of Gujarat.

The surgery was conducted using CorPath GRX; a vascular robotic system built at the cost Rs 9.5 crores by Corindus Vascular Robotics of USA. The patient was a middle-aged woman who had suffered from a heart attack a few days back and was at the catheterization lab of the hospital. The stent in one of the arteries of the patient was placed using the regular procedure a few days back, while the robotic procedure was used on Wednesday to place the stent in the other artery. Apex Hospital is the only institute outside Gujarat to have introduced robotic surgery for the heart. The procedure is said to have taken only 15 minutes.