Gandhinagar: While Gujarat IPS officers who are close to the state government get plum postings and promotions, there have been questions raised whether those IPS officers who were superseded would get their due promotions before the Lok Sabha Elections in 2019 or not.

RS Yadav, the 1988-batch IPS officer from Gujarat cadre, is currently posted as the commandant of SRP at Kevadiya Colony. His batchmates have already been promoted to the ADG ranks, but Yadav is yet to receive his due promotion since his return from suspension. Yadav was suspended after he was accused of physically assaulting lawyers and journalists when the infamous Ruchi kidnapping had taken place and he was the then Gandhinagar SP. He had also made serious allegations on the then state home minister late Haren Pandya.

The state government had promoted IPS officers of the 2003 batch, Dipankar Trivedi and Ashok Kumar. But two other IPS officers from the same batch, SRP 16 Kutch-Bachau commandant MD Jani and Police Housing Board’s joint director Dr. SK Gadhvi, were not promoted. They were denied promotions because of the departmental inquiry on them. But home ministry sources inform that the investigations against Dr. Gadhvi have been long completed. There is a chance they might get promoted and transferred in the next phase of promotions.

Other than then, four officers from the 2004 batch got promotions, but Motor Transport Department SP DH Parmar was not promoted. Officers of the next batch of 2005 were even granted selection grades and are set to be promoted as DIGs.

With just 3 months remaining for the 2019 general elections, it is to be seen if these superseded IPS officers get their due promotions or not.