Ahmedabad: Jignesh Mevani, a crusader for the rights of Dalit community, an MLA from Vadgam in Gujarat, entered the political arena through his fight for Dalit rights and won the elections as an independent candidate. He recently got threatening calls from a person who identified himself as mafia don Ravi Pujari, who told him that he will kill him. This happened thrice. But why would Pujari target Mevani? In order to get answers to this question, Ashish Chauhan, an Ahmedabad-based journalist with prominent English daily Times of India, tried to contact the number from which Mevani got the calls.

The number from which Mevani was getting calls was from Australia. When Chauhan dialed the number and introduced himself. It is being believed that person on the other end who answered the call was don Pujari himself. A conversation began between the scribe and the person on the other end of the call, obviously over the topic of death threats to Jignesh Mevani.

Pujari sent a message to Chauhan to answer his query. Pujari said that he is unhappy that Mevani is using the Dalits as a tool and inciting them for his personal gain. He said Jignesh is creating a rift in the society. He also said that he is upset over Mevani’s relationship with Umar Khalid (Student leader and activist from JNU). Pujari’s reason seems to an attempt at painting himself as a patriot and Mevani as a traitor. It is a fact worth noting, that so far Pujari has targeted only those activists and leaders who are directly or indirectly anti-BJP.