Gandhinagar: It was former Gujarat CM Keshubhai Patel’s birthday on Tuesday. As a result, several political and community leaders were making a beeline for his house to meet him and greet him on his birthday. Amongst them were the current deputy chief minister of Gujarat Nitin Patel and Patidar Ananmat Andolan Samiti convener Hardik Patel who unknowingly found themselves to be in the same room while in Keshubhai’s house.

The  seeds of Patidar community’s agitation for reservation were sown in north Gujarat, which is where Nitin Patel’s constituency is. The Gujarat BJP had tried to make peace with the Patidar’s using Nitin Patel and his influence. But the Patidars were hell bent upon defeating Nitin Patel in his constituency, though it never happened and the senior BJP leader sailed to victory in the elections.

The animosity between Hardik Patel and Nitin Patel is an open secret. They have never missed a chance to take each other down and exchange barbs. But the occasion on Tuesday was different. Nitin Patel was sitting next to Keshubhai Patel having a conversation when Hardik walked into the room. Despite sharing a bitter relationship with Nitin Patel, Hardik courteously greeted the senior BJP minister by addressing him as ‘kaka’ (uncle) and inquired about his health. Nitin Patel too unlikely returned the pleasantries and after giving a good look at Hardik’s figure, asked him if he has lost weight and become thinner.

“No Kaka, maybe you felt so as we’ve met after a long time,” replied Hardik to Nitin Patel. The Dy.CM left Keshubhai’s house after some time, leaving the party workers and journalists who were waiting outside Keshubhai’s house in suspense in what more might have transpired between both the young and the older Patidar leaders, who are known to share a frosty relationship with each other.

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