Ahmedabad: Just like a king’s subjects are a direct reflection of himself, the staff too is a direct reflection of their boss. The state home ministry recently appointed IPS Nirlipt Rai as the Superintendent of Police of Amreli in place of Jagdish Patel, who is accused and arrested in the infamous Bitcoin extortion case. It’s been just five days since Rai took charge as the Amreli Police SP and his cops have already told the illegal miners and illegal buses that they won’t be accepting any bribes from them now. They have instructed them that everything has to be legal and nobody’s influence would work on the cops this time.

When the appointment of Rai was announced by the state home ministry, not just criminals and history sheeters but even the policemen were stunned and surprised. There was a time when certain high-handed policemen have never worn their police uniform in 10 years, but now each one of them can be seen sporting the uniform. The law and order situation in Amreli had gone to dogs. People in power had tamed the law for their own benefits, and as a result, illegal miners with political backing flourished and bus operators without any permit but having the support of certain influence from the political class would ply on roads without any fear. Because the cops were also aware of the hand of many politicians in all these illegal activities, they’d stay mum and would happily accept the bribes given to them.

Winds of change have begun blowing in Amreli ever since Amreli Police has got its new SP in IPS Nirlipt Rai. Not just police officials, but this is a topic of discussion even amongst common men in and around Amreli, that after several years the town has got a strong authoritative figure. Even cars drivers have begun wearing their seatbelts. This is the effect of Rai’s appointment as Amreli SP, even though he is yet to take any official policing or law and order decision in his new post.

Many anti-social elements from areas around Amreli had made this sleepy town their home for some time, thanks to the lawlessness here. But Rai’s appointment has even made them return back to the places they had come from. Just like he is known for, Rai believes in teaching the police to its job properly first, instead of teaching the citizens lessons of law. Since last two days, he has even made a few surprise visits to police stations in Amreli during his night patrol. Right now, he is just teaching the provisions and lessons of policing to his cops, but the day his pen gets to work a few policemen are surely going to get ordered to pack their stuff and leave.

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