Hitesh Chavda, Gandhinagar: Piyush Parekh, a 26-year old youth from Gujarat is just like any other ambitious youngster who wished to land a government job that would provide him job security and a steady income. And he rightly deserves so, as he holds four professional degrees that qualify him to have a teacher’s job at any of the government schools. But he works as a sanitation worker at Devgadh Baria municipality of Dahod district in Gujarat. With a population of just about 21 thousand, it falls under the D-category in the 162 municipalities across Gujarat.

Despite working in a post that literally undermines his educational qualifications, Parekh has no qualms about it. Son of a government schools teacher, he holds the educational degrees of Bachelors in Education, Masters in Arts and two professional degrees from Industrial Training Institute (ITI) of Sanitary Inspector and Diesel Mechanic. Parekh’s story is similar to that of millions of youngsters in the state who are educated and hold required degrees, but there are no jobs to absorb them as per their qualifications. Speaking to MeraNews, he tells us that he had applied for the job of a teacher with government schools six times, but wasn’t selected for it given there were more applicants than the actual posts. Tired but unwilling to give up, he decided to apply for the job that is available in his municipality, which was that of a sanitation worker. “The pay is good and given that there is no scope for any other jobs here, I don’t mind doing this,” says Parekh. He wonders how come his state is still called Vibrant, despite the government failing to provide employment to the youth according to their qualifications.

According to the ministry of labor and employment of Government of India, the ratio of employment in Gujarat looks very healthy and is the lowest (0.9 percent) compared to the national average (5 percentages) as per the fourth Annual Employment & Unemployment Survey report for 2013-14. But there are several stories similar to that of Parekh’s which punches holes into the claim of the government.