Gandhinagar: Valad, a village state capital Gandhinagar with a population of approximately 9,500 is a picture of developmental irony at its best. While you may be surprised to find high-speed WiFi internet connectivity in this village, it is appalling at the same time that this village doesn’t have a primary health center and the residents have to travel all the way to Naroda for treatment at a hospital. The village has a school that was built during the rule of Gaikwad rule, did weather the storm of time, but it seems like it won’t anymore.

Children come from as far as 30 kilometers to study at this school, the current condition of this building is so bad that the teachers and students fear getting injured by the crumbling debris from the ceilings and the wall. One look at this structure from outside and it looks like a shanty. The ceiling leaks during rains and no amount of renovations might help this school anymore. The administration claims to have informed the government and concerned authorities about their issue several times and urged for a new school building to be constructed after pulling down this old dilapidated structure, but nobody has bothered to act on their plaint.

One of the teachers told us that she had once got injured after the floor in one of the classrooms caved in and she herself got the cave-in fixed.  The sarpanch of the village tells us that the village has all the facilities except for a primary health center and a new school building. He sometime back got high-speed WiFi internet connection to the village which is available for use free of cost.

“The need of the hour is to first get a primary health center in the village as the lack of it has forced the residents to take the sick and needy to Naroda for treatment spending Rs 300 just on the transport cost. On special occasions and festivals when there are no private vehicles available, it becomes further difficult for us. If we get this primary health center, not just us but over 40,000 people from the neighboring 10 villages too can get the benefit of it.

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