MeraNews Network, New Delhi: The Westminster Magistrate’s Court in the United Kingdom on Monday ordered the extradition of beleaguered liquor-baron Vijay Mallya to India to face charges of fraud and money laundering amounting to a whopping Rs 9,000 crores.

Mallya, who also owned the now-defunct Kingfisher Airlines and co-owned Formula One racing team Force India, has been out on bail since his arrest in April on an extradition warrant.

Chief Magistrate Judge Emma Arbuthnot has found prima facie a case against Vijay Mallya for fraud, conspiracy and money laundering. The matter has been now referred to the Secretary of State.

In 2016, the embattled businessman left India after a group of banks had started legal proceedings against him to recover the loans his group had taken. He has been living in London ever since. A few days back, Mallya tweeted that he wants to stop the narrative that he stole the money and that he wished to make a 100 percent payback of the loans. He had further tweeted that he did not borrow a single rupee and that the borrower was Kingfisher Airlines. Money was lost due to a genuine and sad business failure. Being held as guarantor is not fraud.

The spokesperson for Central Bureau of Investigation, said, “We hope to bring him soon and conclude the case. CBI has its own inherent strengths. We worked hard on this case. We are strong on Law and facts and we were confident while pursuing the extradition process”