MeraNews Network, Ahmedabad: Two young men hailing from Ahmedabad were killed and 10 others injured after a luxury bus carrying passengers from Shirdi in Maharashtra to Ahmedabad on Thursday rammed into a tree as its brakes have failed. Three among the 10 injured passengers are critical.

An official from Saputara Police station said that the bus, which started off for Ahmedabad after a stop at Saputara at 11 AM on Thursday, had swerved and rammed into a tree near a turn at Malangao check post near Saputara Ghat as the brakes of the vehicle failed while getting off the Ghat. The deceased is identified as 22-year old Mayur Parmar and 20-year old Rakesh Chunara.

There were 50 passengers in the bus when the accident occurred. The two youngsters, who were sitting in front, next to the driver's cabin got crushed between the tree and the bus and the passengers had to push through the mangled remains of the vehicle to rush out.

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