Mumbai: A Rajasthan-based gangster and witness in the case of the alleged fake encounter of Tulsiram Prajapati, Azam Khan has claimed that he wishes to make revelations about the extra-judicial killings of Prajapati, but he fears that he might be framed in some fake case or maybe killed off in a similar fake counter. Khan is accused in Popular Builders’ firing case and was recently declared wanted by a local court.

Khan’s wife Razia Banu had appeared before the special CBI court in Mumbai, where she said that her husband wishes to make revelations and confessions about the fake encounter of Prajapati, but fears that he too might be killed off in a similar fashion, given there are many top cops and political leaders involved in this case. Razia had brought with her a hand-written letter, believed to be that of Khan, and submitted it to the court.

The letter, which was addressed to the court, said that he couldn’t physically present himself in front of the court as a witness as he fears for his life. He showed readiness to appear before the court as a witness of date and time decided by the court.

Khan and Prajapati had spent jail time together in Udaipur and the Rajasthan Police had brought them to Ahmedabad, where Khan was sent to the Sabarmati jail, while Prajapati was killed by the cops near Ambaji, claiming that he had attempted an escape. Thus Khan was the last person to have seen Prajapati alive.

Prajapati, an aide of Rajasthan-based gangster Sohrabuddin Shaikh, was believed to be the witness of the fake encounter of Shaikh and the murder of Shaikh’s wife Kauserbi and thus was killed off in another fake encounter in 2006.

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