Prashant Dayal, Rajkot: Getting the title of doctor affixed to one’s name is something people pride about. Some get the title upon becoming a medical practitioner, while others get it for completing research and mastering a specific area of study, field or subject. It takes a great amount of hard work and hours of research to earn it. One such achievement worth talking about is that of Rajkot Police constable Naresh Solanki, who will be awarded the doctoral degree by Saurashtra University for his research on the gazhals of Gujarati poet Amrut Ghayal. It took Solanki seven years to complete his research.

Solanki, who followed his father’s footstep of joining the police force, is a resident of Ambardi village in Gondal. He was brought up by his grandmother after his father passed away when he was just seven years old. He moved to Rajkot to pursue college, where he discovered his affinity towards literature and a special liking towards the works of Amrut Ghayal.

Solanki went on to become a cop on active duty, but his heart still lay in the lap of literature and he continued to read the work of Ghayal. He kept the poet and writer in him alive despite donning the khaki every day on duty. Whatever time he could carve out from his work, Solanki would spend them in the company of like-minded literary lovers. Despite having a hard time juggling his passion and profession, Solanki would regularly participate in poetry meets in different parts of the state. His peers and friends from Rajkot Police were unaware of his love for literature.

Solanki spent hours with his PhD guide Dr. Nitin Vadgama of Gujarat Bhavan at Saurashtra University. His hard work bore fruits when the University recognized his research on the works of Amrut Ghayal and decided to award him a doctoral degree for his research on the subject. So this lowly constable from Rajkot Police would be now known as Dr. Naresh Solanki.

I don’t have a penchant for taking pictures of selfies with celebrities, but after hearing about Solanki, I’d love to get a picture clicked with him.

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