Kulin Parekh, Rajkot: Even Himalayas cannot stop a steadfast man, goes a saying. But a police constable with the Rajkot Police of Gujarat made truth of this saying in literal sense. Krishnasinhji Rathod became the first police constable from Gujarat to have conquered the 23554 ft high Nun peak in the Himalayas. Known as pre-Everest, even seasoned mountaineers have had a hard time climbing this peak. Rathod braved minus 30-degree temperature and chilly winds blowing at the speed of 110 kmph to conquer this peak.

Speaking to MeraNews, Rathod says, “Mountaineering has fascinated me since childhood. I learned the ABC of mountain climbing in 2015 at basic mountaineering camp held at Pahalgam in Jammu-Kashmir. I then went on to get advanced training in mountaineering in 2016 and in 2017 I trekked and climbed the 15500 ft height of Moon peak in Himachal Pradesh. This year in July, I climbed the Nun peak in the Himalayas. During the arduous trek, I even participated in rescuing four men who were stuck 300 feet deep in a crevice on the way using ropes.”

Speaking about the experiences during the trek, the gritty cop informs, “On the other side of this mountain is Pakistan. Our team of six were carrying 27 kilos of baggage in biting cold of -30 degree Celsius. We were facing headwinds that blew at the speed of 110 kmph. A minor slip of balance would mean we would plunge on the other side of the border in Pakistan. Because it constantly rained, cooking hot meals was out of the question. We spent about 11 out of the 37 days of the trek just consuming dry fruits and chocolates. On July 29 we successfully conquered the peak.”

“Strong headwinds forced many from our group to back-out and return to base, that too with just 42 ft remaining to trek. I completed the last leg of my trek in Alpine-style, crawling on elbows without making any stop. I was suffering from frostbite after I completed the trip, where the blood in my toes and the tissues froze,” said Rathod.

He said there is no medical treatment for frostbite and he self-treated it by soaking his feet in warm salt-water. A man could die if the frostbite spreads to his whole body. He says it took him a few days to recover from this. Rathod was lauded for his feat by the city police commissioner and his peers at Rajkot Police. He will be felicitated by the state government soon.

Rathod has now set his eyes of conquering the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest and hopes that the government will provide him with required permits and help to fulfill his dream.

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