MeraNews Network, Ahmedabad: Robbers targeted the Naroda house of 2002 Naroda Patiya riots accused Babubhai Patel alias Babu Bajrangi on Friday late night and made good their escape with an electronic safe vault containing gold and silver ornaments and other valuables worth about Rs 4 lakhs. A complaint of theft has been filed with Naroda Police Station by Bajrangi’s son Viral Patel.

Bajrangi, who is serving a life sentence at the Sabarmati Central Prison, was convicted of leading a violent mob of rioters during the 2002 Gujarat Riots against Muslims in Naroda Patiya. Ninety-seven Muslims were said to be killed in the mob violence at Naroda Patiya. He was the leader of the Hindu nationalistic organization Vishwa Hindu Parishad in Gujarat. Currently, he is suffering from loss of eyesight due to an infection and cannot even move around the jail complex without the help of anyone.

Bajrangi’s family had gone to Bayad in Sabarkantha on Friday when the thieves are believed to have entered the locked house and ransacked the house looking to things to steal. They found a cupboard, inside which an electronic safe was kept. They took safe with them as it would have been difficult for them to try unlocking it at that time. The initial investigation by the cops has revealed that there were three men who came on a motorcycle to break into the apartment and fled using the same vehicle.

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