Ahmedabad: With nine Congress members going underground before the Ahmedabad District Panchayat president and vice president elections to be held today (Wednesday), seems like this time the reins of the power would go into the hands of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The Ahmedabad district panchayat currently has 18 members of the Congress and 15 members from the BJP. Mani Thakor of the Congress had aspirations to become the president, but Ahmedabad District Congress Committee (ADCC) chief Khodaji Thakor showed interest in giving the mandate to Amarsinh as the president, which resulted in a rebellion within the party.

Upon the completion of the term of Pushpa Dabhi, ADCC chief decided to have Amarsinh from Satipur to be the vice president, given Congress wins the elections. But a few members weren’t happy with the choice of presidential candidate and nine members from the party rebelled and went into hiding and have gone completely incommunicado. According to reports, a chairman of a leading bank in Ahmedabad have conducted this operation of making Congress members go underground and thus denting their chances to retain the governance of district panchayat. Sources reveal that Congress now has only 24 members in their ranks, which means there is affair possibility of their loss and the lotus might bloom this time.

It is being believed that huge sums of money were offered by the top banker to help BJP poach members of the Congress. Whatever the case may be, a clear picture would emerge in a few hours today.

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