Prashant Dayal, Ahmedabad: At a time when the general discourse makes us wonder if humanity has been wiped out completely, there some good Samaritans and institutes, that restores our faith, one such being Tapibai Gandhi Vikas Gruh, a children’s home established in 1962 in Bhavnagar. This institute has written a message on its door that says, “Don’t abandon infants anywhere, open the door and place them in the cradle inside and ring the bell to your left, we will take care of the child as Jashoda (Lord Krishna’s foster mother)”

The motive behind this initiative is to discourage mothers from abandoning their child due to their own miseries and instead hand it over to this institute and they will bring the child up.

Last year, two children aged nine and eleven months were dropped off at the institute. The trust named them Jay and Parv respectively. Speaking to this correspondent, trustee Girish Vaghani says that this institute works for the welfare of women and children and so far has facilitated the adoption of 405 children. Since 2015, all the procedures of adoption have been made online. The pictures and information of Jay and Parv were put up on their website too.

A Gujarati family from Canada Nikunj and Archana Patel adopted Jay after fulfilling all the official requirements to adopt a child. Archana, a physiotherapist by profession, has been unable to conceive even after several years of their marriage. She said she is very happy to have adopted Jay and will be taking him to Canada with them. Similarly, a couple from Italy have adopted Parv and will be taking him to Italy with them.

An event was held at the institution to formally hand over Jay and Parv to their new parents, which saw many guests, including the MoS Vibhavri Dave.

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