Prashant Dayal, Ahmedabad: The high-profile Surat rape case, where former Bharatiya Janata Party vice-president Jayanti Bhanushali has been accused to rape, took a dramatic turn. According to highly-placed sources, the victim/complainant might take back her complaint against Bhanushali. The reason being a patch up that has probably happened between Bhanushali and his nemesis Chhabil Patel, a former MLA. It is believed that the root of this whole case lies in the rivalry between Bhanushali and Patel for the Abadasa constituency in Kutch.

When Patel and Bhanushali engulfed in a political battle, a woman named Manisha Goswami, who was allegedly a friend of Bhanushali begun to extort money from him over an alleged video clip of them in compromising positions. She was seeking Rs 10 crores from him, but she was arrested by the police over a complaint filed against her in this regards and is currently in jail.

While Bhanushali escaped narrowly from this case, he was accused of rape by a young woman in Surat under the pretext of giving admission in a design college. Another audio clip of a woman from Nadiad claiming sexual exploitation by Bhanushali too emerged. Bhanushali accused that Chhabil Patel has a hand in this to get back at him in their political rivalry. Patel rubbished these claims.

Sources claimed that the complaint against Bhanushali was motivated by Patel. Bhanushali knew that he was left with no choice but give in to Patel, and thus a secretive meeting was set up between them. Bhanushali is believed to have agreed to stay away from politics in Abadasa and several other deals. The victim, who had avoided giving her statement to the police stating her deteriorating health, had kept away because the meetings between the two political leaders were underway.

Now that the deal between Bhanushali and Chhabil is probably done, there is a possibility of the victim appearing before the Gujarat High Court and seek withdrawal of her complaint against Bhanushali.

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