Ahmedabad: In a new twist to the Surat rape case where former BJP MLA and state unit vice-president Jayanti Bhanushali is accused, the former husband of the victim told media-persons that his ex-wife is a seasoned blackmailer and would extort money from many people after having physical relations with them and shooting video clips of it. The man claimed that he has given a statement to the Surat Police too, where he has claimed that his estranged wife has blackmailed more than 50 people in this manner.

“The lady who has accused BJP minister Jayanti Bhanushali of rape is my former wife. We used to be in a physical relationship with each other since our school days. We had split within one and a half month of our marriage. She has targeted many people in Surat, where she’d have physical relationships with them at first and then extort them of money. She threatens them with police complaint if anyone tried to refuse to her demands,” said the person who didn’t reveal his name and had covered his face with a handkerchief while addressing a press conference at Prahladnagar.

The youth further claimed that though he doesn’t know Jayanti Bhanushali personally, he has come out in the open today to prevent his former wife from targeting more people like this. “She’s had relationships with many politicians. The time I had split with her, I had received a phone call from a certain politician named Chabil Patel, who told me to divorce her. He’d threaten me that he’ll get me framed in some fake cases if I don’t leave her,” added the former spouse of the victim.

He claimed that his former wife is a part of a gang of women who target politicians and other influential people and extort money from them after having physical relations with them.

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