Ahmedabad: The Surat Police on Monday issued summons to the former vice-president of Gujarat BJP Jayanti Bhanushali to appear before them and present his side of the story in the rape case that has been filed against him by a 21-year old woman from Surat. Bhanushali will also have to undergo a medical test.

According to the complaint against Bhanushali, he is said to have forced the victim to sign a notary document which allegedly stated that she doesn’t know Bhanushali personally and this has been provided as evidence to the police by him to claim innocence in this case. Bhanushali had allegedly made her sign the document as he was wary about her accusing him of sexual exploitation in future. As a matter of fact, Bhanushali had even written to the DGP informing that someone might file a complaint of rape against him.

The victim has submitted a pen-drive to the cops which contain media files that would probably nail Bhanushali’s crime. It is believed to have the digital copy of the notary document she was forced to sign and pictures of the victim and Bhanushali in compromising positions. He had allegedly threatened her that once she sees these images, she won’t dare go to the cops against him and if he shows these to the cops, they will be assured that there were no forced physical relations between them, but with consent. Despite all this, it didn’t deter her from filing a complaint against the influential political leader.

Bhanushali is believed to have preyed on other women too in the past. One such case is that of a certain Manisha Goswami, who is currently jailed in the Sabarmati prison over charges of allegedly honey-trapping Bhanushali’s nephew with an alleged clip of him and seeking extortion of Rs 10 crores. So far the state BJP unit has stood behind its former VP, but Bhanushali is currently on thin ice and he might soon lose all his support once the cops prove his crime and press charges against him.

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