Gandhinagar: The Surat police, taking a digital foray into policing have now started a mobile messaging service from its control room, where citizens can send into audio, video or pictures of any crime or complaint directly to the police. The modernized control room of the police station, which previously took information only over phone calls will now be able to get audio, video and photos of incidents reported to them and act swiftly without wasting valuable time.

Surat Police Commissioner Satish Sharma, who has brought much technological and modern advancement in the police control room, has launched a 24-hours active mobile number 9081991100, on which citizens can send in their grievances or complaints or report crimes happening in their areas via social media messaging service WhatsApp Messenger or regular SMS.

The mobile number would be managed by the incharge police officer of the police control room. As soon as a message is received regarding any complaint or crime, the officer would forward the message to the incharge officer of the area where the incident or complaint has come from, thus acting swiftly without wasting time.

Commissioner Satish Sharma said, “Recently there were many incidents that happened around and it went viral and the police acted upon it after coming across the incident on the social media. But by the time information such incidents reach police via viral social media messages or posts, much valuable time is wasted. So now people can contact the police directly and bring to its notice any incident or crime around them, which would help the police to act immediately after receiving the message.