MeraNews Network, Surat: The Surat Police on late Friday night detained 21 women for consuming liquor at city-based hotel near Piplod. The cops also seized four bottles of vodka and beer from the premises.

The Umra Police had received a tip about a liquor party happening at Hotel Oyster near Piplod on Dumas road in Surat and conducted a raid at night. According to sources, there were about 40 women, many foreign nationals at the premises consuming liquor, and many rushed out of the rear exit of the hotel to escape the raid.

Most of the women who were arrested by the police are those belonging to well-off families and were highly inebriated, unable to walk straight. They were taken to New Civil Hospital for their medical check up.

The police are believed to be under pressure from top administration to not let much information about the incident out in the public as the arrested persons belong to respectable families and are being asked to let this one pass. But cops are investigating who sourced the liquor and if this is the first instance where such large groups of women got togther to have liquor party.