Sujith Nambiar & Marilyn Gore: The weekend held a treat for the city’s foodies, with Ahmedabad hosting a first-of-its-kind Street Food Festival. The event, organized by in partnership with Zomato, saw participation from 40 authentic street food vendors, offering more than 130 local and international favourites.

While some of these dishes were quite pedestrian (think plain old dhokla, locho, noodles, pulav, etc.), some stood out in terms of flavour and/or presentation:

Here’s our Top 5:

Bhaji Cone
Why go through the trouble of searching for a table to sit and eat a plate of pav bhaji, when you can have it to go? For the uninitiated, bhaji cones consist of a deep fried cone made of refined flour filled with bhaji, topped with sev and some grated cheese—quite similar to the pizza cones that were flooding our Instagram feeds recently. Priced at Rs50 each, they were a tummy starter, but nowhere near enough to curb our hunger.

Potato Swirls
Let’s be honest: the main reason we even decided to try this out was because it looked so pretty! Think of these, if you will, as a whole potato’s worth of chips in one helping. Served on a stick with seasoning options spanning salt, piri-piri and mayo, these long extra-crispy spirals of fried potato originated in South Korea, but are good for Instagram and Snapchat stories anywhere. Priced Rs50–80, depending on your choice of seasoning.

Waffle Sticks
These are what happen when waffles pretend to be kulfis. Great finger food, as long as you don’t mind your favourite syrup dripping down your fingers and onto your clothes. A little pricey at Rs120 each, but, waffles. On a stick.

Karela Ice cream
Disclosure time: While the name intrigued us, we weren’t brave enough to actually try this “unique” flavour of ice cream. Jeet Patel, who was at the event with his wife, did. He said his wife had convinced him to try the dessert in the hope that he could get over his life-long aversion to the gourd. It didn’t work. “It is called bitter gourd for a reason, ice cream has to be something that pleases our tastebuds after something savoury,” he said, chuckling, adding that he’d never spend Rs70 or any other amount on this particular flavour again.

Whole Wheat Hummus Wrap
Also called a roti-hummus-subzi roll, this was in great demand by those seeking a “healthy” alternative. The size made it look worth the Rs50 price tag, but the taste made us reconsider. Still, sometimes one must make the healthy choice.

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