MeraNews Network, Rajkot: With Prime Minister Narendra Modi set to visit Rajkot on Thursday, About 500 state transport buses are to be deployed from different divisions of Saurashtra to bring people to his event. More than 1000 ST routes have been cancelled due to this, leaving passengers in a lurch.

These buses will leave for different villages across Saurashtra on Wednesday night to bring people to the venue of the PM’s event. Usually, the state transport buses see a large influx of passengers who travel to different places across the state due to the ongoing Shravan month, but with several routes closed it will face a loss of income.

During the festive season, the ST Division makes around Rs 50 lakh per day, but with the PM’s visit coinciding with the festive rush, the ST will face loss due to a large number of buses allotted for the event and might earn just Rs 15 lakh per day.

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