MeraNews Network, New Delhi: Jitendra Malik alias Jeetu Fauji, a soldier with the Indian Army, was detained from Jammu late Friday night by a team of Uttar Pradesh Police for his alleged involvement in the killing of inspector Subodh Kumar Singh on Monday during a mob frenzy in Bulandshahr, UP.

Malik, who belongs to Bulandshahr and was on a leave in his hometown, is believed to have shot inspector Singh when a frenzied mob had attacked him and other cops who were trying to quell the violence in the area that had broken out over rumours of cow slaughter.

Inspector Subodh Kumar, who was also one of the investigating officers in the Akhlaq mob lynching, was first assaulted with a sharp weapon and then shot in the head. Malik was seen in several videos shot on the day of the violence, participating with the mob on a rampage. Malik had fled to Sopore in Jammu on the same evening of the violence after Singh and a civilian were killed.

So far, eight people have been arrested for the violence.