Gandhinagar: In order to promote the growth of small and micro enterprises in the state, the government has decided to sell plots up to 3000 meters provided by the GIDC (Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation) to the SMEs at half the actual price.

In a cabinet meeting chaired by the Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat Nitin Patel, the decision was taken to promote small and micro enterprises and for setting up of ancillary enterprises in line to that of major enterprises. There are going to be 25 new GIDCs set up across the state. The government will sell land to the GIDC for this purpose. But there have been instances where the GIDCs had to pay more than the market rate for the land allotted to them and as a result, the enterprises that wish to set up at the GIDCs end up paying more money to get land. This used to put a lot of stress on the expenditure and investment of the small and micro start-ups in setting up their factories and workshops.

But now there are changes being made in the allotment of land in GIDC, where land up to 3000 meters being given the small and medium enterprises will be sold by the government for 50 percent lesser rate than the actual price of it. But those looking for plots more than 3000 meters would have to pay the full price.