MeraNews Network, Gandhinagar: Former Gujarat chief minister and senior politician Shankersinh Vaghela held a press conference at his residence on Friday, where he said that he’ll be part of the anti-BJP force in the upcoming general elections in 2019 and will play his role in defeating the BJP government. He also addressed the journalists regarding the letter he wrote to the election commission of India, farmer deaths, EVM and the government declared MSP for crops.

Shankersinh, who is fondly known as Bapu amongst common men and political brass alike, started off by conveying his greetings for the Gujarati New Year. He also greeted the journalists on the occasion of Press Freedom Day and praised the scribes for their fearlessness and responsibility as the fourth pillar of the democracy.

Speaking about the issues of Electronic Voting Machine (EVM), he said that he has written a letter to the Chief Election Commissioner of India Om Prakash Rawat informing about the problems pertaining to the usage of EVM in voting with Lok Sabha Elections close. Vaghela added that even developed countries have switched to paper ballot voting from EVMs and India should too. If not, there should paper trail installed in every booth. So that any dispute regarding vote counting could be solved by verifying the paper trail and thus upholding the transparency in the democracy.

Speaking about the farmer deaths, Vaghela said that so far 12 farmers have committed suicides in Gujarat, which is an alarming figure. He said that the administration in the government has gone to the dogs and it should develop a purchasing system instead of cheating the farmers under the garb of giving MSP. He added that instead there should be an MSP system in the dairy industry for the purchasing of milk.

He also made it clear that he will be a part of the anti-BJP force in the 2019 general elections and that his role will be that of ensuring the BJP loses the polls.

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