The Kwid is more than just Renault’s most affordable car. In fact, given the number of special editions we’ve seen of the hatchback, it’s quite safe to say it’s the most favoured car in Renault’s lineup. Now, the French carmaker is gearing up to introduce two new, dare we say, very special editions of the car based on popular Marvel superheroes - Iron Man and Captain America. While the small car isn’t due for an update just yet, these two new editions will definitely spruce up the Kwid range.

The Kwid Iron Man and Kwid Captain America are part of Renault’s strategic association with Marvel comics. In the global market, Renault has already tied up with the ‘Incredible Hulk’ franchise to promote the Kwid in the Brazilian market. Going by the teaser images, it’s quite evident that the Kwid Iron Man and the Kwid Captain America will be draped in a red and white shade, respectively. Additionally, both cars will feature decals and logos of the characters and their insignias on the exterior and even inside the cabin.

Speaking of special edition Kwids, the most recent one was the second iteration of the Live For More edition, the Live For More Reloaded. Renault launched it in the first week of this year in three variants with up to 10 enhancements over the regular ones they are based on. Check out more details here. Apart from this, Renault also offers two more options, the Kwid 2nd Anniversary edition and the Kwid Climber. The former was launched, as the name indicates, to commemorate the second anniversary of the Kwid’s launch in the country. The latter, meanwhile, is the most feature-loaded and expensive model in the Kwid range. 

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