MeraNews Network, Ahmedabad: When the country rejected the Congress for allegedly running a corrupt government at the centre and handed over the power to BJP and Narendra Modi, several IAS and IPS officers from Gujarat saw themselves being transferred or promoted to New Delhi. A whole team from Gujarat was made to shift to Delhi to aid the Modi government and those included Gujarat cadre IPS officers Rakesh Asthana and AK Sharma, who were inducted into the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Both officers are known to be in the good books of BJP National President Amit Shah. The motive behind having Asthana and Sharma in the CBI was to quell the anti-BJP forces at the centre.

But now, India’s premier investigation institute has been split into factions and Sharma and Asthana have come to loggerheads. Asthana, who is the special director at CBI, accused his batchmate Sharma and his family of having ties with several corrupt officials and leaders. But Asthana himself got entangled in a bribery allegation, which many believe is the result of his fallout with the current CBI director Alok Verma. Though the Delhi High Court has given relief to Asthana from being arrested until October 2019, there is a fair chance Sharma and Asthana both would be on their way back to Gujarat.

While Asthana is said to be the BJP and Modi’s confidante for following its instructions during his investigations into some of the most high profile and sensitive case like the 2002 Godhra riots, Sharma is considered as the government’s troubleshooter who has successfully done damage control every time the government was in sticky situations like the illegal encounters in Gujarat. This infighting has caused much worry to Modi, and those close to the PM knows that he won’t offer a helping hand to both the officers as they are entangled in corruption allegations.