MeraNews Network, Rajkot: Rajkot Police on Friday arrested two men for calling up businessmen trying to extort money from them as protection money. The cops have been receiving complaints of extortion calls being made to businessmen for the past some time. The arrested men used to call under the name of Porbandar Gang.

Kirti Chhantbar, a businessman based out of Rajkot had received a call from the duo seeking Rs 15 lakh as protection money. He went to cops and provided with the phone number from which he got the call. It was found out that similar calls were made from the same number three other businessmen namely, Raju Kotadiya, Mayur Vekariya, and Jagdish Sitapara. The cops decided to lay a trap to nab the extortionists and asked Kirti to agree to their demand and seek more time to arrange the money.

The extortionists informed the trader the date and time and where to bring the money, during which a police constable in the guise of the driver would accompany the trader with him to give the money. As no one came to pick up the money, the trader went back with the money but got a phone call again from the extortionists, who abused him on call for not putting the money at the spot. All this while, the cops were tracking the location of the call and found out it was done from Vadali village in Rajkot. The cops didn’t waste time and nabbed Piyush Donga and Kishor Rabari for making the calls.

During the interrogation, it was revealed that the duo was doing this for the first time and Donga was under debt due to his gambling addiction while Rabari wanted to make some quick money.

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