MeraNews Network, Rajkot: More than a year after the demonetisation that saw Indian currency notes of the denomination Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 pulled back from circulation and new notes issued, people are still illegally exchanging the old currency notes in Gujarat. The local police on Friday arrested two men in Rajkot with 398 scrapped currency notes of Rs 500.

The police, upon interrogating the duo, identified as Magan Raiyyani from Morbi and Budha Dhrangiya, got to know that they had received these currency notes from one Amrut in Morbi about three months ago. They had come down to Rajkot to get these notes exchanged. The police suspect a gang operating in exchanging such old currency in the city and elsewhere.

Jagdish and Budha, who are friends, further revealed that they deal in sale and purchase of land and were on the lookout for customers who’d buy their currency. The cops suspect the duo to be lying as they believe that they wouldn’t have come to the city with such a large number of currency notes without a single customer. The cops say they’re sure these two were to meet specific persons and were to earn a stipulated amount in commission for the exchange. They’ll be further interrogated to reveal the names of people involved in this from the city.

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