Kulin Parekh, Rajkot: Several patients belonging to villages of Saurashtra and Kutch were left in a lurch after doctors of the health centers there had used the ambulances meant for patients to travel to Rajkot for a meeting of doctors on Friday.

About 50 community health center doctors from different talukas were to attend a meeting organized by the divisional deputy director of health at Rajkot district panchayat office on Friday. 10 doctors among the attendees were seen arriving for the meeting in ambulances that were allotted to their health center for the convenience of the patients. A stream of ambulances was seen parked at the panchayat parking lot.

Upon being inquired on why they used ambulances to travel to Rajkot, the doctors claimed that they didn’t travel alone but brought with them patients too, who were to be taken to bigger hospitals in Rajkot. It is not new to see government doctors misuse services meant for the poor patients for their own benefits. And using government ambulances to travel is one similar

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