Shivani Sahasrabudhe & Asikkumar Banerjee (MeraNews, Ahmedabad): As Vikram Samvat (Hindu new year) 2074 begins, MeraNews spoke with prominent citizens of Ahmedabad about their resolutions and wishes for the year ahead.




  “I reaffirm and reiterate my commitment to giving my best to Reliance, the state of Jharkhand I represent in the Rajya Sabha, and our country. As a Rajya Sabha member, I have already adopted two panchayats under the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana and intend to adopt one more in the new year. Creating village infrastructure and working for the betterment of rural Jharkhand have been a passion. I resolve to pursue this further to the best of my ability.” —Parimal Nathwani, group president, corporate affair, Reliance Industries Ltd, and Rajya Sabha member


 “I want to start reading again because once upon a time I was an avid reader and somehow I have left reading. I want to give skill training to 50,000 workers this year alone and do something concrete about Clean India.” — Jaxay Shah, Savvy Group managing director and Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (Credai) president



“I am extremely disciplined about my fitness, so I am going to get more disciplined about chasing targets at my workplace. I am a very humanitarian leader and I am very participatory, so I am thinking to bring in some more discipline and chasing targets. And I would like to be slightly more social as I keep busy with work too much.”  —Manjula Pooja Shroff, founder and director, Calorx Foundation



 “To keep myself fit and healthy so that people around me also get inspired, and I work for them also to make them healthy. I want to change my habit of procrastination in certain things.” —Hari Om Gandhi, director, Narcotics Control Bureau


 “Gujarati people don’t make resolutions during Diwali, they make them for the (1 January) New Year. When the whole world and whole nation are going through crises, this Diwali is going to make a lot of difference. Diwali brings a lot of hope, so why not to work on that path. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and wish for the best.” —Aditi Desai, theatre personality


 “We wish to come up with an IPO (initial public offering) for our company PC Snehal Construction Co. Ltd and grow twice what we have this year. In the Entrepreneur Organization, we wish to create a once-in-a-lifetime event exclusively for women on networking and learning. And last but not the least, giving back more to society than what I have done so far, to bring a significant difference in needy people’s lives and make them smile more.” —Chiranjiv Patel, managing director, PC Snehal Group and regional director, South Asia, Entrepreneur Organization



 “Currently I am learning mixed martial arts, so my new year’s resolution is that I want to improve my mixed martial arts skills in the coming years, and I want to travel more often. Also, I want to take my fitness to a new level where I am stronger than what I am today.” —Sapna Vyas Patel, ACE-certified weight management specialist



 “We wish to cross 100 outlets across Gujarat by next year. Our brand is currently into cakes and bakery products, and we recently added ice cream products. This year, we want to make our products reach the poorest while keeping our quality intact. We have launched softy ice creams at a price of Rs5 so that even a labourer’s kid can enjoy the same like other kids. We want to expand our range in all categories.” —Nikul Patel, owner, Dangee Dums


 “Diwali is a festival for celebrating cleanliness, welcoming goddess Laxmi and sharing love and joy with friends, family and others. It truly symbolizes the removal of evil from our mind, body and soul. Goddess Laxmi surely blesses all those who pursue knowledge-driven endeavours with honesty, sincerity and hard work. Success earned thus will be cherished by friends, family and others. Besides, in today’s busy life, when we do not have time for even our near and dear ones, Diwali gives us a much-needed opportunity to meet, greet, connect and reconnect with everyone and make new beginnings happily.” —Dr Sunil Shukla, director, Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI)