MeraNews Network, Ahmedabad: Politicians have always abused their power that comes with the post they get elected to. They misuse the services of government officials at their disposal for their personal needs. Most of the times, the senior officials brush away this insult they face every day for the fear of losing their job or for the greed of an upcoming plum promotion. But the junior government servants aren’t those who take this blatant abuse of power and their insult lying down, and a former BJP MLA learned this the hard way. To add insult to this injury, even his party or the government didn’t come to his rescue when he messed with the wrong official.

The Incident:

A car driver and an autorickshaw driver in Gomtipur, Ahmedabad had got into a heated argument after the latter sped past him dangerously.  Soon, the argument almost turned into a communal clash as the rickshaw driver, a Muslim man was backed by his community and the Hindu car driver saw the Hindus in the area come out in his support. The local police rushed to the spot and prevented a full-fledged communal flare up from occurring and arrested both men and took them to the police station. The car driver was a close accomplice of former BJP MLA Jitu Vaghela, who rushed to the station and tried to browbeat the cops using his political muscle. In an argument with assistant police inspector Bhagirathsinh Mori, Vaghela accused him and his men of being corrupt and taking bribes from people, and thus there is a decline in the law and order situation.

Enraged at being insulted in from of his men, Mori kicked Vaghela out of the station telling him that his political muscle won’t deter him from taking action against him. He further proceeded to drag Vaghela towards the police van standing by. Sensing trouble, Vaghela instructed his henchmen who had accompanied him, to record the whole fracas and later left with threats.

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Vaghela then later tried to file a complaint of police atrocity against Mori. But instead of listening to their former MLA, state home minister reprimanded him for his behavior and told him that they’ve noted his pattern of picking fights with police officers, the latest one being his bust-up with Danilimda Police inspector RK Amin and how he got the cop transferred by filing a complaint against him. It came as a pleasant surprise to see the party and the government not letting their MLAs have their way riding on the wave of political power and influence.