Prashant Dayal, Ahmedabad: It is a common perception that those in power indulge in unfair practices. But there is always an exception to that too, where the one holding influence, makes good use of it for the people’s welfare. But such changes are not easily palatable to the administration, which has over the time, become a creature of habit. One such instance is that of the police stopping traffic at junctions to let the convoy of chief minister pass, despite him instructing them not to do so.

Ever since Vijay Rupani took charge of Gujarat as its chief minister he instructed his security team and the traffic department that there is no need to stop the traffic at crossroads and junctions to let his cavalcade pass. CM Rupani said that he would stop at traffic signals like any common citizen of the state and abide by the traffic rules. But it seems like the police department is not interested to implement this in practice. The instruction was followed during the first few days, but the cops eventually went back to their old habit of blocking traffic to let the CM’s convoy pass.

The police department is habituated to stop traffic, every time there is any VIP movement on the route. When Narendra Modi was the chief minister of the state, it was a common practice to have police bandobast on his route and to block traffic flow to let Modi’s cavalcade pass. But this was done because there was a threat to Modi’s life back then.

Many times, the CM travels trough road to attend events within the state, and during his trips, his convoy passes through city roads during the peak hours. The traffic blockade leads to office-goers getting late at work just because their chief minister was to be accorded a smooth passage. Due to this, CM Rupani had instructed that common men must not face trouble for his comfort.

Whenever the traffic is blocked for some VIP or minister to pass, the police doesn’t realize, someone might be battling for his/her life in an ambulance, or maybe a student is about to get late for his exam. Maybe such reasons compel people to look at all politicians with disdain, despite there being some who actually care for the people, but are bogged down by the inefficiency of the administration.