MeraNews Network, Rajkot: The actual reason why the Dahej-Ghogha Ro-Pax service had to be shut mid-sea after a high-temperature warning has been revealed. After the vessel was pulled back to the port by tugboats, the engineers examined it to ascertain the reason behind the snag. It was found out that plastic wrappers floating on the surface of the sea had entered the cooling system and choked the pipes.

Discarded small square plastic sheets or wrappers of paan masala had entered the coolant pipes of the vessel, thus stopping the flow of water and that led to the over-heating of the engines. These plastic wrappers are believed to be discarded by the passengers in the sea.

The cooling system draws water from the upper layers of the sea through the pipes to cool the engines. The plastic wrappers discarded into the sea and were floating on the surface got sucked into the pipes, which choked them. There was also a lot of soil found to be stuck on the walls of the pipes that made the passage very narrow. Due to this, the engine shaft, ball-bearings got damaged and even the oil seal got burnt.

The Dahej-Ghogha RoPax service, which shut down in the middle of the sea during one of its scheduled trips one November 21, will now remain suspended till December 6. The ship, a Korean built named Voyage Symphony, had just travelled three nautical miles from the port and was carrying 461 passengers and 91 vehicles aboard when it encountered a snag.

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