Ahmedabad: Morbi district of Gujarat has always seen footfalls from many outside the district and state, given it houses the thriving ceramic industry and various educational institutes. But a new order passed by the collector of Morbi is going to cause trouble for them, which demands people seeking house on rent must have permission from their parents. Sounds weird, right? We too felt so…

In a circular issued by the additional collector of Morbi district Ketan Joshi, those seeking house on rent must provide a permission letter from their parents along with the other required documents. Being the hub of ceramic industry, Morbi has always seen a steady inflow of immigrant laborers who work at these tiles manufacturing factory. Even students who study at the several educational institutes in the Morbi prefer renting a house in the vicinity of their college rather than do up-down from their hometown. This new order will thus spell trouble for many such people now.

Upon being asked the necessity of such an order, Joshi said, “This is not a newly issued circular. Since there has been a rise in crime in Morbi and it was difficult to nab the offenders and criminals, the local police in 2015 proposed that this clause too, be added into the house rent agreement between the landlord and the tenants. The sole reason behind this order was to ensure that the tenants taking houses on rent in Morbi have kept their parents and families in their hometown in the loop.”

Joshi further added, “We’ve come across several cases where the parents of the offenders had no clue about their sons/daughters have taken a house on rent in Morbi. The landlord and the tenant must inform the local police about their house renting deal and provide their identity proofs to them.”

In a country where one can elect their leaders once they turn 18, this kind of order comes as patriarchal.

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