MeraNews Network, Rajkot: It is common knowledge that law is not equal for all the citizens of the state. There have been several instances where a certain privileged class of people has been able to get away from the law, given they are chummy with some in power. This was visible in Rajkot city recently, when the traffic cops were forced to drop back the vehicles to the spot from where they had towed it away for illegal parking.

According to reports, many devotees who were visiting the Suminath Jinalay at Shrinath Park on University Road had parked their vehicles haphazardly opposite residential houses. The residents called up the police control room to inform about the illegally parked vehicles. The cops arrived and towed away seven vehicles, that were found to be parked illegally.

This led to several Jain community leaders take up this matter with the police commissioner. After some deliberations, the commissioner agreed to release the towed vehicles without charging any fine. But that is when the arrogance of these community leaders came forth. Using their influence, the matter was then escalated to the Chief Minister, a Jain himself, with the community leaders insisting that the cops themselves drop off the vehicles back to the spot where they picked it up. One phone call from the CMO and the cops were forced to do what the community leaders insisted on.

City police commissioner Manoj Agrawal denied getting any phone call from the CMO. He instead said that this was a matter of a dispute between two families, where one of the parties called the police complaining about illegal parking creating an obstruction in front of their houses. The traffic police did tow the vehicles, but because they were of those devotees who were visiting the shrine, we decided to release them without charging a fine for it.?

??????Nilesh Kothari, the trustee of Suminath Jinalay, said that the vehicles were not parked illegally as the temple is located inside a society. Only one vehicle was found to be obstructing but the cops towed all of the parked vehicles. We just insisted that they drop back the vehicles that they had picked up wrongly.