Gandhinagar: Seven years ago, Limbadiya village of Gandhinagar district in Gujarat had won the president’s award for best development work in 2009. Today, this village is nowhere near to what it was seven years ago, thanks to the government apathy and mismanagement of development works in the village.

A hamlet of only 1865 residents, Limbadiya is a village full of ironies. On one hand, you get to see modernization like CCTV cameras, RCC roads, waste-collection system, RO water vending machines, while on the other side are the dilapidated structure of the government school and health center and a badly maintained drainage lines. To add to their worries, the gram panchayat was issued a notice by the government to stop releasing water into the Narmada canal that runs next to the village. The village had once allocated land to the government to build the canal, and now they are being refused to use the stormwater drainage that is connected to the canal.

A look at the classrooms of the government school, which is just 35 years old, one realizes the dangers under which the students are studying. Iron rods can be seen jutting out of the ceilings as the plaster of cement had broken or fallen off. Every monsoon the ceilings leak and the dripping water makes it difficult for the students to concentrate during the classes.

The sarpanch of the village tells us that if he is given the complete authority of administration of the village, he will ensure that development reaches every nook and corner of the village and claimed that he will ensure that every farmer in the village gets Rs 5 lakhs in his/her bank account. But for now, he has to follow the administrative hierarchy and raise the issues plaguing the village to the higher-ups in the government as they don’t fall into his ambit. But so far, the government seems to have turned deaf ears towards Limbadiya.

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