Ahmedabad: Underprivileged people who cannot afford the fare of state transport buses or trains usually opt for traveling in vehicles illegally plying on the roads of Gujarat. Many a time, these vehicles, usually overcrowded, meet with an accident and many lose their lives. One such incident happened recently in Amreli district where a truck carrying a wedding party fell off a bridge and seven people were killed. Amreli Police not only charged the truck owner and the driver but even the project manager of the bridge too.

On June 23, Amreli’s Rajula-Mahuva Highway saw the deadly accident of the truck carrying guests who were supposed to attend the ring-ceremony of Bharat Lakha’s nephew. It is said that Bharat had arranged for the truck from a certain Yasin Qureshi who let one of his drivers Puna Samkhat to drive the truck despite him not having a license for the same.

The truck fell off the bridge, which was undergoing construction, and seven passengers were killed while 42 of them were grievously injured. Amreli SP Nirlipt Rai, who visited the accident spot got to know that the firm who was overseeing the construction work, India Private Limited, had not put up any signage to draw the attention of the passing drivers to be cautious and take a diversion. No reflectors or red lights were installed, nor were there sandbags below the bridge in case any vehicle rolls off the bridge, to cushion the impact of the accident.

In this case, the truck driver knew he should not have driven the vehicle as he didn’t have licence for it, the owner of the truck knew that he must not have given the truck for transportation of people in first place and the construction project manager of the bridge Lakshminarsimha Vishwanath too was aware that his ignorance to safety norms for construction could prove fatal for someone, but all of them flouted the norms without any fear for the consequences. All three of them have been booked for culpable homicide and are in jail. DSP Rai says that the state government will be asked to blacklist the contractor upon the conclusion of the investigation.

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