Gandhinagar: Narendra Modi’s dream project of building the GIFT City was fulfilled and inaugurated amidst much fanfare in the state. But it probably ignored the villages around the tech-city that became victims of severe ecological damage.

One such instance is of Ratanpur, in Gandhinagar located right next to GIFT City. While the government went out of its way to ensure that the GIFT city is built according to international standards, Ratanpur is still waiting to get proper roads for even the state transport buses to start plying to the village.

With a population of 1100 residents, this village lack proper system for the outflow of storm-water and drainage line. As a result, a strong stench has enveloped the village and the residents are troubled by the breeding mosquitoes and infestation of other pests in the stagnated water. There are snakes too inside the dense bushy areas of the village.

Shaitansinh Bihola, the sarpanch of Ratanpur village tells us, “There’s an age-old water tank which is in a dilapidated condition. The government needs to build a new tank and lay pipeline so that the trouble of drainage gets solved and the wastewater doesn’t get stagnated.

He added, “The gram-panchayat building is also in a bad state. The ceiling leaks during the monsoon and the government must construct a new panchayat building too.

There is no health center in the village and as a result, villagers face trouble whenever there is a medical emergency, especially late at night.

Upon speaking to youngster from the village, he said that there were rumors that people from nearby villages were given jobs in the GIFT city, which is completely false. Leave aside jobs, we’re not even allowed to pass from the street adjoin GIFT City.

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