Ahmedabad: A Mumbai court on Tuesday will be hearing statements of the videographer who had recorded the witness statement of the Apte family, the ones who last saw Sohrabuddin Shaikh aide Tulsiram Prajapati in Maharashtra before he was taken away along with Shaikh and his wife by the Gujarat ATS and killed in a staged encounter in 2006. The Apte family had turned hostile in the court and went back on its statements it had given to the CBI during interrogation.

In 2005, the Gujarat and Rajasthan Police had killed gangster Sohrabuddin Shaikh in a fake encounter in Ahmedabad. His wife Kauser Bi too was killed and her body burned. The sole witness to the whole incident, Tulsiram Prajapati-an accomplice of Shaikh-too was killed in a similar fake encounter in 2006. The Supreme Court ordered the hearings in the case, be moved to Mumbai on the request of CBI to ensure a fair trial.

Of the 62 witnesses who were examined, 44 have turned hostile. The court will now record the statements of the panch and the videographer who had recorded the statements of the Apte family of Maharashtra. The Apte family had reportedly told the investigating agency CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) that they had last seen Tulsiram Prajapati alight a bus along with Shaikh and Kauser Bi after some policemen (Gujarat ATS) stopped the vehicle which was traveling to Sangli in Maharashtra. They later turned hostile in the court during the trial on the statement they had given previously. During the video-recorded interrogation by the CBI of the Apte family, they were shown pictures of the three deceased to identify, which they reportedly did.

The court will on Tuesday record statements of Rajasthan police officials too, who had previously recorded their statements with the CBI and it is to be seen if these cops stick to their guns or go back on their words like the other 44 witnesses have done so far.