Surat: A Mumbai-based Gujarati actor Shyam Makheja attempted to commit suicide by jumping off the third floor of a building in Surat's Anmol market here on Saturday. The actor has been reported missing since May 31.

28-year old Shyam was living in Kandivali, Mumbai and is an actor by profession. The fall resulted in some serious injuries to the youngster, as he first fell on the asbestos shade build over the parking lot of the building from where he jumped. The security guard of the building immediately informed the police and called for an EMRI 108 ambulance in which he was rushed to the Smimer hospital in Surat. But before the police could take Shyam's statement on why he took this drastic step, he was treated for his injuries and later shifted to Mumbai for better treatment.

Kandivali police informed that Shyam has been missing from his home since May 31 and his family had informed the local police about the same. His last mobile location had traced to Surat, and a message was circulated amongst actors' group in the city to inform the family and police if they get any information about Shyam.

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