MeraNews Network, Rajkot: A medical student of the Rajkot Civil Hospital has accused a resident doctor of rape and sexual harassment and has claimed that the local police are trying to sweep the matter under the rug and the college authorities are pressurizing her to take back her plaint. The doctor has been currently suspended for a term by the Anti-Harassment Cell of the college after the incident has come to light.

Resident doctor Sachin Singh had on August 30, 2018, raped a female student, who was doing her post-graduate studies at the institute and also working at the surgical ward of the OPD department. On September 2, the victim approached the Anti-Harassment Cell and narrated her ordeal and they called in a meeting the very next day. But the student was not satisfied with the action taken against her alleged perpetrator and on September 22, decided to file a complaint against the resident doctor at  Pradhyuman Nagar Police Station along with her father.

According to the victim, the police did take her complaint, arrested the doctor and even conducted a medical test on him, but didn’t mention anything about it in the daily crime sheet. When the police were questioned on why they didn’t do so, in a press conference on September 24, they told the media persons that they were busy with the Ganesh visarjan and some other events across the city. The cops declined of any political pressure on them which led them to try sweeping this matter under the rug.

Hospital sources claim that there was a verbal altercation between the resident doctor and the medical student after the doctor had scolded her. The student/victim left for her hometown the very next day and just two days ago, she filed a police complaint rape on her and resultantly the doctor got arrested. The source added that the student is suffering from the psychological disorder and was undergoing treatment for it.

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