Ahmedabad: The airline services in our state is in pathetic condition, which not a surprise to many. Grand marketing plans and advertising doesn’t seem to offset the pedestrian service these airlines provide despite charging its passengers a bomb. One such horrid experience is that of a passenger of Air Odisha.

The airline company runs a flight service between Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar. The Ahmedabad-Bhavnagar flight has been suspended since last 15 days, but its website continued to take bookings from customers. Ghanshyam Saida was expecting to fly back to his hometown Bhavnagar on an Air Odisha flight after booking a flight ticket for Thursday morning. Saida booked the flight on Wednesday night and was even allotted a seat numbered 3A. But when he arrived at the domestic airport an hour before the takeoff, he found the Air Odisha counter to be shut.S

Surprised, he went looking for employees of the airline company, who informed him that their flight service has been suspended for the past fifteen days. When Saida argued that the company didn’t inform him anything about the cancellation, the officials showed helplessness and offered to the refund him the money he spent for the ticket. Adamant and angry, Siada took up this matter with the airport authorities seeking an explanation from them regarding this goof up. After much deliberation, the authorities convinced him to travel to Bhavnagar by road, for which they would book a cab for him. Thus, the passenger who had plans to fly to his hometown had to take the road route like anybody else would have on a regular occasion.