MeraNews Network, Amreli: Three lion cubs were found dead in the Khadadhar revenue region of Khambha in Amreli on Monday. This comes close to the heels of the recent deaths of 23 lions across Gir jungles last month. The forest department has claimed the infighting was the cause behind the deaths the three cubs.

The department had in the past too claimed infighting to be the reason behind the deaths of the 23 lions, but it was later revealed that the lions were suffering from a fatal disease called Canine Distemper. Now it is to be seen if the forest department is true to their claims of infighting killing the three cubs.

A farmer had late on Monday alerted the forest officials after he spotted a dead body of a cub near Khadadhar. When the Tulsishyam Range officials arrived at the spot and were combing the area, they found two more bodies of lion cubs, all three of them believed to be aged around four to five months. A half devoured body of a Nilgai was also found from the spot. The body of the cubs had bite and scratch marks with deep cuts and other injuries.

Footprints of many other lions were also reportedly found on the ground, which made the forest officials to believe and claim that the cubs died in infighting. The bodies have been sent for post-mortem to determine the cause of deaths of the cubs.

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