Jamnagar: The Jamnagar Police has made public the sketch of the suspect involved in the murder of well-known lawyer from Jamnagar Kirit Joshi. The police have urged the citizens to come forward and provide information on the suspect if any and has also announced a reward of Rs 50,000 to those who help the cops in nabbing the suspect.

It has been 13 days since Joshi was killed by unknown assailants near his office when he stepped out to leave for home at around 9 PM on April 28. They had stabbed him multiple times to death. The brother of the deceased lawyer had placed in doubts on the infamous land mafia run by Jayesh Patel and even filed a complaint at the city B division police station against Patel to have hired hitmen to kill his brother. The police began investigations using human and technical intelligence but have hit stone-wall so far. The pressure too began to mount as lawyers started protesting against the police for not being able to catch Joshi’s killers. And subsequently the case was transferred to the CID Crime department of Gujarat Police, but before the agency could begin its investigation, the case got transferred back to Jamnagar Police and that the CID crime branch will provide necessary help.

The police interrogated the witnesses once again on Thursday and with their help, got the sketch of the suspect made and circulated its copies all across the state and called upon the citizens to provide information on the suspected. The police have also been poring over the call records of the deceased lawyer in search of clues. Several questions have been raised against the lax attitude of the police as they might have wasted valuable time as even though the statements of the witnesses were recorded on the night of the murder itself, the sketch was prepared only after 12 days had passed.