MeraNews Network, Rajkot: Even as the NAFED is battling issues with purchase of groundnut produce from farmers at minimum support price (MSP), a video that is doing rounds of social media circles of traders and farmers in Gujarat show gravel and sand found from the gunny sacks of Tuver (pigeon pea) that was stored in a government-leased warehouse in Manavdar in Junagadh. A trader, who had gone to collect his stock of Tuver from the warehouse found this and informed the NAFED (National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation), suspecting an adulteration scam.

The NAFED purchases farm produce like groundnut, Tuver, etc from farmers at MSP and store the procured stock at warehouses owned by the government or taken on lease. It later sells the produce to traders, who are instructed to collect their stock from specific warehouses upon payment.

Rajkot-based trader Deepak Nathwani was allotted the Kuldeep Warehouse in Manavdar, and upon checking the sacks, he found sand and gravel mixed along with the Tuver. This form of adulteration is done to reduce the weight of the actual produce filled in these sacks. He refused to accept his stock and informed the NAFED about the same.

Nathwani said that such adulteration damages the processing machine in which the Tuver is put to clean. It is also a loss for us as we paid in full for the product but we get less of it in weight as it is mixed with gravel and sand. He added that officials at NAFED have promised to investigate into the matter and will also provide with another stock of Tuver or a refund.