MeraNews Network, Gandhinagar: Seems like senior Patidar leader Jeram Patel and the home minister of Gujarat Pradipsinh Jadeja are in cahoots to help and protect is infamous Shah Brothers of Vapi. The instance of it being them taking a special interest in pursuing a cheating case filed at Bhilad Police station in Valsad district. Though Jeram Patel denied having any connection or special interest in this case along with Pradipsinh Jadeja, he did, in his conversation with MeraNews reveal that he had recommended Jadeja help in this case on the instructions of his friend Jinesh Shah, one of the Shah Brothers.

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Jeram denied even knowing the complainant in the case, regarding which an audio of his conversation with Pradipsinh had gone viral.

The case:

Jignesh Rathod had filed a complaint of cheating against one Savji Patel and his accomplices at the Bhilad Police Station pertaining to land deal at the GIDC worth Rs 80 lakhs. The accused had moved to Gujarat High Court seeking quashing of this complaint against them. The complainant then established contact with Pradipsinh Jadeja through Jeram Patel for a settlement with the accused. MeraNews got access to several clips where Jeram and his son Bhavesh could be heard discussing the ‘deal’ that has to be done for the settlement. Fleeting mentions of BJP National President Amit Shah and Prime Minister Modi is also made, which shows the extent of influence the father-son duo command.

During our conversation with Jeram Patel, he confessed that the only reason Pradipsinh Jadeja is helping him, in this case, is because he had helped the government as a mediator to quell the Patidar reservation agitation in 2015. Jeram further informed us that he has no clue who the complainant is, but got Jadeja on board because he is doing this for his friend Jinesh Nahar alias Jinesh Shah. This is the same person who along with his two brothers had cheated a Mumbai-based bank after taking a Rs 25 lakh loan from them and later getting a stay on the recovery procedure of the bank after defaulting on the loans. This is not the first time Jadeja came of the Shah brothers’ help. Previously too he had got them to walk scot-free from the police’s clutches in Gandhinagar when they got arrested in a case. It is well-known fact that Jadeja never does any favor to anyone without his own gain. Only he could answer on why he is having a special affection towards the troika.

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Jeram Patel has made some startling confessions on telephonic communications with MeraNews, where he even talks proudly about Pradipsinh seeking him out to help quell the Patidar protests in Gujarat. He even told us that we should refrain from writing anything against Jadeja. Had the home minister of Gujarat taken even a little interest similar to this case in the problems plaguing the state, we would have seen better governance.

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