Anil Pushpangadan, Ahmedabad: State Election Commissioner Varesh Sinha’s daughter Lavina Sinha will have to wait one more year to get into Gujarat cadre upon becoming an IPS (Indian Police Service) officer. Because she had taken a long leave for her UPSC examinations preparations, it has been just ten days since her training has begun. She’ll be inducted into the Gujarat cadre in 2020 after completing her one-year training. Her brother-in-law Nirlipt Rai is also an IPS officer from the Gujarat cadre.

EC Varesh Sinha has two daughters, one of whom is married to IPS officer Nirlipt Rai, while Lavina Sinha is an MD physician. In 2017, she had cracked the UPSC exams and was ranked 174 for IAS (Indian Administration Services). But she had set her eyes on the IPS. Upon joining the national police training academy, she went on an extraordinary leave to prepare to prepare for the police exams. She recently joined back the academy in Hyderabad on December 18.

Her training will continue for a year and upon completion in December 2019, she will be inducted into the cadre in January 2020. Lavina’s father was an IAS officer and had retired as a chief secretary. He was later appointed as the election commissioner for the state. Her brother in law Nirlipt Rai is currently the Amreli Police SP.