Surat: Taking a page out Ahmedabad Police’s book, the Surat Police have now instructed multiplexes and malls in the diamond city to stop charging its patrons money for parking in their premises. A few days ago, the Ahmedabad Police, which is on a drive to clear the traffic congestion and solve the parking woes of the city, had nudged popular malls to make parking free for the visitors in its premises.

Previously, a social worker had filed a public interest litigation in the Gujarat High Court regarding the parking charges at public places, whose hearing is scheduled for July 25. The police have also urged the public to inform them if they find anyone violating this rule in the city, they can complain on a WhatsApp number 9081991100 and phone numbers 2241301, 2241302 and 2241303.

Parking has been one of the biggest issues that aided the traffic congestion and chargeable parking was a deterrent for the citizens who would visit these malls and multiplexes in the city. The footfalls at these public places are usually in lakhs, which means the mall and multiplexes used to earn a pretty good chunk of income with chargeable parking in their premises. After the high court ordered that parking must be the responsibility of the business owners and operators and they must not charge the visitors for parking, Ahmedabad Police was first to implement this order and later it has now been followed by the Surat Police too.

The city Police commissioner said that all the malls and multiplex operators and owners have been issued notices by the police regarding the implementation of this rule and that those who won't comply by this will risk facing legal action against them.

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