MeraNews Network, New Delhi: The US-based rating agency, Moody's Investors Service, is out with its latest view on India’s growth prospects. Moody's says that supported by robust economic growth agency expects that real GDP in India will grow 7.2 percent in the year ending March 2019 and 7.4 percent in the following year, driven by investment growth and strong consumption.

The outlook for the banking system in India is stable for the coming months. The banks' funding and liquidity will stay strong. The funding and liquidity profiles of public sector banks, in particular, will remain resilient, despite their solvency challenges.

Moody's says that government support for public sector banks will stay strong. Moody's said in its report that China's economic growth will likely slow during 2019-2020, amid government deleveraging and de-risking policies as well as on the US-China trade tensions.